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Short Sunderland - Enemy Action! - On Take-off - Depth Charging - Surcouf - Lord Howe Island. -NewFamily Album - Other Planes.

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Short Sunderland

Here are some shots of my giant Short Sunderland at the Hinze dam on the Gold Coast.
Starboard bank
Photo by Graham Hyslop Photo by Jamie Arnold
Flypast 1 Flypast 2
Photo by Jamie Arnold Photo by Julien deJager
Flyover 3 fully stalled
Photo by David Boddington Photo by Julien deJager

Enemy Action!

We have regular flying days on the Hinze Dam where we engage in combat with Pat Drake's huge Type VIIC model R/C Submarine. We drop depth charges and he fires rockets. I have hit his Submarine once with a depth charge, and he has destroyed my tailplane once. The left side photograph here is a picture of my depth charge hitting his type VIIC Submarine, and the right side photograph is the recent destruction of my port tailplane/elevator by one of Patrick's explosions. Notice that the tailplane is bent up at about 70 degrees! It immediately flipped back into place and the aircraft flew for quite some time and landed safely after this incident. I was unaware of the damage until I taxied in.
Bombs away! Hit by a submarine
Photo by Julien deJager Photo by Bruce Virtue
Bombing Run
Photo by David Boddington

On Take-off

We had a request for some photos at take-off, so here they are. Both photos by Julien deJager.
Taking off On the step

Depth Charging

Here is Pat Drake's U-995, a Type VII C U-boat, being depth-charged by the Short Sunderland. The model is fibreglass, 2.6m in length, 1:25 scale. The original U-995 is one of the few U-boats still in existence and is on display in Kiel, Germany. The Type VII C was the main class of U-boat built by Germany during World War II. Photos by permission of Pat Drake.
U-995 under attack Depth charges
Photo by Kerry Photo by Anthony


This is Pat Drake's model of the giant French World War II submarine, Surcouf. One photo shows the 8" guns firing, while the other managed to capture the exact moment of missile launch towards the attacking Sunderland. The model is 3.1 metres long, 1:33 scale. It took one year to build. The original was the largest and most heavily armed submarine in the world at the start of WWII. It disappeared in February 1942 when approaching the Panama Canal and may have sunk due to a collision with an American freighter. Photos by permission of Pat Drake.
8 inch guns Missiles
Photo by Anthony Photo by Bruce
Pat & Surcouf

Lord Howe Island

Photos by Jeff O'Laughlin.
Depth charging with Mt Gower in the background.
Depth charging Mt Gower
On the water, Geoff and the Sunderland.
On the lagoon Geoff & plane
Construction: the left photo shows the Ansett Beachcomber side of the model, the right shows the QANTAS Pacific Chieftain.
Beachcomber Pacific Chieftain
Geoff Reichelt (on the right) with Peter & Bronte Phillips at Lord Howe Island.
at Lord Howe
Driving the Sunderland to the beach and preparing it for flight at Lord Howe Island.
Driving to the beach Preparations at Lord Howe
Coming in for a landing at Lord Howe.
Approach Final

Family Album

Here is a photo of Geoff's father Bill Reichelt (1918 - 1997) in the cockpit of the Short Sunderland that he flew for 10 Squadron, RAAF, during World War II. EK 594, one of the planes that Bill flew.
Bill Reichelt EK 594
Geoff & David Boddington, editor of Flying Scale Models. Uncle Franz, proof that flying expertise and judgement are very much hereditary traits
(click on the photo for the full story).
Geoff & Boddo Uncle Franz
Two photos of the C Class Empire boat model.
Empire port side Empire starboard

Other Planes

Jan Hermkens' Sunderland A model of DD852-J.
Jan Hermkens DD852-J
Wartime photo kindly supplied by Keith Philp. A picture of DD852 over the Scillies in U.K. supplied by Angus McVinnish who was a gunner in that aircraft .
Keith Philp DD852
JM711-M of 230 squadron.This is a picture of JM711 landing on one arm of the Harbour in Dar-Es-Salaam in Tanganyika (now Tanzania). It is being flown here by F/O Ken Nicholson on it's delivery flight and the photo was kindly supplied by Ken Nicholson. Visitors prepare to leave an RAAF tender to board a Short Sunderland (A26-1 of 40 squadron) moored in Matilda Bay, Perth in April 1945. This aircraft was used in a war bonds drive. People investing a certain amount were given a flight in the Sunderland.
Ken Nicholson Perth Sunderland
Sunderlands at Rose Bay, Sydney Harbour in the 60s.
Rose Bay

Again, you are welcome to copy any of these photos, but please acknowledge the photographers and source.

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