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 Ross 780e

New Ross 780 e 8.2m yacht.

Note: (Even though the boat is now 8.316m [27ft 3 1/2ins] long, it's still a variation of the older 780, so we have decided to keep the name Ross 780 to avoid confusion with the Ross 830. The 'e' means 'extended')

The 780 moulds have been altered to improve the cruising abilities and features of this yacht.

The hull and deck have been lengthened to 8.316m. This gives us an extra 200mm of length to the hull in the galley/bathroom area, and an extra 200mm of length to the cockpit.



The keel is approx 100mm longer to improve stability.

The performance may be slightly enhanced by the slight increase in WL length and stability; on the other side of the equation is a bit more windage due to increased freeboard.

After 68 Ross 780's made since the 1980's, we're officially 'retired' now and the 780 isn't still in production. However we intend to keep making a small number of boats to be sold as fully fitted yachts, albeit fitted to a fairly basic stage.

Here are some pics of the yacht.


The "backsail" shown below prevents the Ross from swishing from side to side when at anchor, which is an annoying habit of these boats in a breeze. It can keep the occupants awake and put strains on the anchor rope.

Keel and rudder must be up for the backsail to work.


Front opening fridge is surrounded by thick insulation on sides, back, top and bottom, reducing its battery consumption to comparable with a top opening fridge.


Latest gas detector with instant solenoid turnoff if any gas is detected. Makes the gas stove a safe option.












 Ross 780   Earlier versions

The Ross 780 has been a quiet achiever in the trailer yacht scene in Australia, with so far 67 boats being made since the mid eighties.


Sirocco and Only Time in Coongul Creek

Sirocco sailing across the bay.


 Sirocco at Big Sandhills


our last Ross 780 before "Il Aquarii" ,  "Only Time", crossing Moreton Bay


"Only Time" parked in Coongul Creek, Fraser Island, our favourite place in the world.


Cockpit sundowner drinks with Dave Shearer at Sandhills of Moreton Island.

Our Earlier Ross 780's

Our third Ross 780 "The Serenity" was the first Ross 780 to have 1.9m headroom and the hot shower setup.


Our second Ross 780 "Getting There" was the first Ross 780 with the open transom


Our first Ross 780 was "Greystoke"




Ross Interior

Seaway 25 Restoration Project


VOLCANO  rebuild.

VOLCANO is a Seaway 25 that was wrecked in Airlie Beach by cyclone ULUI

It was bounced on the rocks for a day or two, and there are many holes and areas of delamination to be fixed.

In addition the deck needs a new cockpit as the old balsa-cored cockpit went soft after being ruined by ingress of water over the years.

These photos show the refurbishment, and are added to almost every day.

Blazer 740 we recently finished off for a friend. Here it is at Inskip Point.